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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 1, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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here, greta we're going to be there. get sometime to join us, open thread. greta, see you. buy. >> everything has changed in the last few years. conservatives used to take it and we're not taking it anymore. >> we have an obligation to fight back. >> the media said breitbart lies. breitbart lies. give me an example of a proven lie? one. >> i'm from los angeles. i have never claimed to be that deep. i kind of would describe myself, kind of describe myself as holly goes lightly with a gut. >> there are two paths. one is america. and the other one is occupy. one is america, the other one is occupy.
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>> greg: andrew breitbart died this morning. 43. publicist, activator and commentator. that says nothing. he was a bar your. perhaps the most jovial warrior i've seen. the least angry guy i've ever met. though he embraced the battle for conservative principles, he did it with joy and humor. every action, opinion or motive came from a place of love. he loved his wonderful life. he loved his friends, he loved his crazy life and he loved america. everything he did he did because he thought it was right. for those who didn't know him, man, you missed out. even though who disliked the ideas, within five minutes of meeting him loved him. he was a big kid who treated the opponents like humans. it was never about people. always, always about principles. i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for andrew breitbart. i met him when he ran the huffing top post and we bonded instantly. we shared the same humor, same music and the same refusal to
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take most things seriously. we played the fool proudly. he was the one who told fox news about me. so you can blame andrew for me being here today. more importanters he was the spiritual leader of the modern conservative movement. today we lost our toughest general. his biggest contribution to make it okay to call b.s. to push back on perceived wisdom. a rebel who took on enormous forces because he believed they were sapping our freedom. what guts this guy had. >> he grew comfortable in a role that electrified people. no telling where he might have taken it. the left has their andrew breitbarts but the right never had such a thing until andrew came along. that is a true test of a visionary. someone who reminds us of nobody else. is it rude to wonder who can replace him? because we need more breitbarts. this country needs them. i know it's not me. i'm not brave enough. even i'm out here swinging but i don't have his guts. so our biggest tribute to him is to continue his fight, but adopting his fearless manner
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with love, with wit and with joy. he inspired more people than he will ever know. it's now our turn to return the favor. if i can be selfish he was a great, great drinking buddy. unbelievably smart and mischievous. partner in crime and andrew, thank you for everything you did for me and for us. i kind of screwed up there. i meant to say he loved his wonderful family and his wonderful life. he had a fantastic family. suzie and the kids were amazing. and it's a shock. and for them and for by condolences go out to them. they are amazing group of people. eric, i know you had him on your show in the past. he is one of those characters cs that you love having on the show because he is equally intense. and funny. and you can't find that in everybody. >> eric: not only equally
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intense and funny, hearse the same on-air as off-air. as you probably spent time with him outside tv, too. great guy. when you think of acorn you think of andrew. when you think of the tea party patriots, immediately you think of andrew. when you think of cpac or occupy, taking on occupy, andrew breitbart name and face shows up in your mind. one man, one voice. he was powerful and he led the path for other conservative voices. i. i'm a tiny voice and he was a big warrior general type of voice. he blazed the trail for a lot of people who want to live in the conservative world. can i just very quickly, a couple other on curvesive voices on his death. sarah palin called him a warrior who stood on the side of what was right. rush limbaugh called him a bulldog. matt drudge said he was constantly a man filled with energy, passion and commitment. those are big names and important people who saw andrew as i guess as important as we all do here.
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>> greg: yeah. dana, this guy, he wasn't like a lot -- he wasn't what you call a typical conservative. he was something new and something different. >> dana: well, he lived in los angeles. let's start with that. one of the things i found today in reading some of the commentary, let's set aside the ridiculousness of some of the left, we can talk about it later if we want, an amazing number of people, including young women who said i felt like he gave me the comfort to be okay with what i believe. and to be able to stand up proudly and say it. for a lot of people that have conservative views, they sort of tiptoe around the offense, or work in an industry that won't be popular so they never say anything. you can come to fox or go to and you can find out, find people who thought the way you did. that was comforting. >> greg: yeah. well, he was always the outsider. i think -- that's why we
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bonded. i worked the media magazines and he delivered pizza and brats wurst. you're always the odd man out. that is how you bond. did you ever have run-ins with him? >> kimberly: no. i'm friends with him and i was very sad this morning when i found out what happened. he was the singularly bravest individual i met that worked in television and journalism. i admired him every day for the courage to say what he thought no matter what anybody thought. he was so strong. he didn't even let it get to him. when he would see what people would do and say horrible things, i would get so offended by what they'd write or say on twitter because they were afraid of him. he would retweet them. how great is that? yep, call me whatever you want. le tweet it out, kind of with glee. a strong man. especially his children should be so proud of him to have a father that was so brave. and courageous. it teaches them the lesson that there isn't anything in life that can be said about him or happen, that won't have the inner strength for who they come from.
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>> greg: bob, you on the other side of the political spectrum, but one thing about you, and andrew that you have in common, it goes out the window. >> -- -- >> bob: yeah. i was going to say i listened to all of your testimonies about him. the greatest testimony i can be, be on the other side. i got the hell beat out of me from the other side. the loving and kind not about people thing may well be your view of it. those of us that took the receiving end of it, i tell you one thing, it felt differently. i took him on over what i thought and will say again despite his death was the shar rad tape. he let me have it right away. he never let it linger. he came right at me. he and i finally, hannity brokered a meeting between the two of us and we went on for four hours and realize we drank in the same places in new orleans and any number of
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other places and we told raucous stories about our extracurricular activities. i like the guy a lot. he's a good friend of my brothers, because he is in los angeles. my brother is a conservative as you know. he and breitbart and a group of them get together to meet. >> dana: in secret? >> bob: yeah. i saw, i think he did lose a warrior in the sense that i always noticed about conservatives that in the younger conservative leadership seems to be more, you know, in writing or cerebral. only one that got in your face but i didn't think that ann coulter did not serve you well. in breitbart's case, he did. you are missing a general. good way to put it. >> eric: can i relate one of my fondest breitbart's stories and nothing to do with anything he did here. when he broke the anthony weiner stuff, the pictures of the congressman on the cell? everyone was waiting on edge
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for weiner to make his announcement. everybody line up at the new york hilton hotel. podium there. nothing going on. next thing you know, literally, every media outlet is there. next thing you know, andrew breitbart says look, he just grabbed it and said all the pictures are true. weiner will come out and tell you he was lying. andrew at his best. >> kimberly: how great was that? at fox news, went down the street. >> dana: the other thing about him i think is worth pointing out from a younger conservative perspective, it's conventional wisdom that conservatives were well behind the curve with new media. in the 2004 and 2008 election. liberals and democrats really taken the ball and run with it. he was a visionary and not afraid to take risks as we established. he did it with his business as well. showed, you know, sort of blazed a trail for other new media types. and conservatives to be able to have a choice on the
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internet. now i actually think that conservatives have caught up with liberals on that part. it's helped them tremendously. >> kimberly: they found courage, right? >> dana: to share information quickly amongst each other. >> greg: he started at drum and helped launch adrianna huffn post and now he has a hollywood empire. i hope it keeps going. other thing about new media is the idea of the phrasing pop culture. i said this before, you know, pop culture represents america to the world. conservatives in general shy away from pop culture. we don't like those bands or those tv shows. breitbart said that's where you got to go. you have to get your kids to join a band. you have to go to the movies and do this stuff. you forgrit that to the other folks you lose that. >> kimberly: for no good reason, yeah. >> greg: he was there. we have a montage here. some of the early reaction on hearing the sad news. take it away. >> what a huge loss.
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certainly for the conservative movement. >> as intense as he was in his arguments, he was able to see what people will really like beyond their politics. >> i have known very few people in my life that lived life to the hilt the way andrew did. >> he lived his principles out every day, 24/7. what you saw is what you got. champion of freedom. >> he was one of the most fearless people i ever knew. it's hard to -- >> dana: interesting to me, that was jonah goldberg who is also one of the most fearless people i know, who lives in a similar way to be able to say i don't care what you think about me. i'm going to tell you what i think and write beautifully
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and let the chips fall where they may. >> greg: breitbart is one of the few people i know that lived without a safety net. he never thought about his health, he never thought about money. he thought about life and going out and fighting. >> bob: funny you say one of the things, the last time i saw breitbart was the night of the concert, holiday concert. he and i were back talking about drinking stories and other things. he said, i said you and i both need to lose some weight, buddy. we run -- in a lot of ways, this is how i related to the guy. i don't have a filter. he may not have a safety net. as you know, i have no filter. on my side of the aisle i'm known as the person that will not, don't take prisoners. andrew was like that, too. the difference with him and the rest of them, conservatives get up on the stage and they're angry, in many cases it looks ugly to me. in this case it looked
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jovially ugly. you look back and said that guy, he's all right. i don't agree with a thing he says but i like the fact he has the guts he has got. on your side of the table, you have a lot of think tank people. you have a lot of people. frankly, a lot of boring people. he was not boring. i'll say that. >> kimberly: some of the candidates could do well to take a page from his book. >> bob: look at every one of the testimonies. >> kimberly: dynamic individual. you can't have a bad time when you are with him. it hung out with him and ann coulter on hannity. interesting. >> greg: this guy went to a counterprotest. not sure if it's in nevada, maybe it was southern california. encountered tea party protest. he showed up on roller blades. it took the protesters. the liberal protesters to applebee's for lunch. that was the kind of guy he was. he generally liked people who were active and interested in life. included those who hated him. they would walk away going i can't hate this guy.
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>> kimberly: smart. >> greg: goes for the stuff on the internet you see things like this jackass saying he is glad he's dead. the guy from "rolling stone." this is cowardly. go on to this enormous world and these things. he would never have the cojones to said that. >> bob: let me say that. i spoke to several people on another topic today that i'm still working on. the conversation came up about andrew breitbart, not a bad word said about him. if you brought up other people prominent names like the other person you went drinking with that night, you'd get firm comments, none of him which would be allowed on tv. i didn't hear, it was, in a way the left is going to miss jousting with the guy. he did scare us. i wouldn't say i got scared. but we're the same size. but he did intimidate a lot of people on the left. frankly, many, you don't have
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to scare -- you don't have many conservatives to scare us. you just don't. >> kimberly: grrr. >> greg: we got to go. i'm still hoping this is a hoax. i just hope that it's some elaborate plan created by andrew breitbart. i wouldn't anything past him. >> kimberly: walk through the door. >> greg: i know. we'll be back in a minute. please stay with us. ♪ ♪
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[ dentist ] chris thinks the best way to live life is to dig right in. but as his dentist, i know that to do that, he needs to use the brush more dentists use. oral-b. trust the brush more dentists and hygienists use. oral-b. life opens up when you do. ♪ ♪ >> eric: heads up, palinistas. new web hit the internet. sarah palin fires back at hbo and makers of "game changer," the movie. when i first watch it, i got chills. here is a clip. >> well, i'm not a member of the permanent political establishment.
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>> a feisty, strong, tough and straight-talking governor. >> 80% approval rating. >> i'm not going to washington to seek their good opinion. i'm going to washington to serve the people of this great country. >> eric: you know, kimberly, sarah palin has always had "it." that little video i like there it goes on for two-and-a-half minutes and it highlights, it brings you right back to win mccain picked her as the v.p. runningmate. she had it. >> superdynamic. if you meet her in person you can't help but like her. she has tremendous personality and courage. like breitbart. she is not afraid to say what she thinks or feels. you may disagree with her, but everybody knows she is formidable opponent. >> eric: what do you think, greg? >> greg: the most interesting thing is how the left treats her and how the hbo movie was made. it's almost like a science fiction movie, where she is the space alien that came out of somewhere. in a way, the way the left views people who aren't like them. or are middle american
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conservatives. they like to make fun of these people. the people that shop at wal-mart, the people that live in alaska. she represents that. they go at her like a frog in a lab trying to figure out what she is. i love that. i love that she drives them crazy. >> does it seem like the portrayal of the hbo movie? >> dana: no one has seen it, indon't think. including the former aides who are defending sarah palin in this, saying they haven't seen it. saying it's balanced portrayal. hbo says it's a balanced look at the campaign. from where i sit, and communications strategy, balance is always in the high of the beholder. i'm sure that hbo does think it's fair. i'm sure if you are the other end of it and it's about you, you think it's not fair. this is just three years ago. nobody could name the governor of alaska. nobody. then she coms on the stage and now an hbo movie about the
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campaign that did change america at the end. >> bob: well -- >> dana: because obama won. that is my point. >> bob: i see. instead of -- be careful about painting the entire left as demonizing the middle of the country and wal-mart. that is not exactly the way we look at it. the thing about sarah palin is -- i have now subsequently met her. she is a nice, nice person. no question of that. i think her politics are way right. represent relatively small percentage like you, eric. by the way, it brought -- i'm sure it brought a tingle up your leg when you saw that. >> eric: easy there, beckel. >> dana: you did say that. >> kimberly: yeah. >> bob: she does -- i am trying to think of someone equivalent who brought the wrath down among democrats that she has. remember her first and biggest critics are republican operatives who work with her. this is not coming from
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democrats. >> eric: can we talk about her for a second? >> dana: wait. that's true. >> eric: go ahead. >> dana: isn't that true? >> eric: listen, the book? i read the book. i don't think it's a fair portrayal of what went on. >> bob: fair, it came from the republicans who work with her. >> eric: who are also the ones who took a beating because john mccain lost so badly. >> bob: let's not blame democrats here. this has very it will to do with us. this has a lot to do with the visions about sarah palin. >> greg: if you look at the pop culture, there aren't a lot of republican comedians going after palin or republican film-makers going after palin. that is all the left. >> dana: there was a lot they could have written or done in the book that had to do with the 2008 campaign that didn't have to do with sarah palin because of the tremendous fight between obama and clinton, especially in the primary that really changed -- that was a huge fight. the battle of the heart of the democrat party came down in that primary. that could have been interesting. >> kimberly: she is iconic figure.
11:24 pm
anybody who tries to deny it isn't being honest. >> eric: do you remember her speech? remember her speech at the convention? >> kimberly: powerful. >> eric: she united the base, the far right. she had "it." you have to admit whether you like her politics she has the ability to rally the base. >> bob: i don't deny her ability. she is a good speaker and got to be a better speaker. she has done a remarkable job of staying in the public limelight. she has done extremely well. i don't deny her that. my only argument here is that this is somehow, the hbo thing is a product of the left. it is not. >> kimberly: eric, geraldo had me dress up like her for him one time. >> eric: the glasses. we got to leave there. coming up, gasoline hitting a march 1 high today. what is president obama's solution anyway? raise taxes on oil companies. that is brilliant. bob fights his way out of that corner next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: all right. this is bob speaking. this is normally, this would normally be eric's segment because he wants to talk about the gas prices going up again. it is true that gas prices went up again. and the republicans are once again blaming president obama for events that happened in the middle east. but there have been a controversy even mock democrats on this. i will say that -- controversy even amongst democrats on this. bill clinton came out and said obama ought to approve the infamous pipeline. he got that and the right's response to it.
11:30 pm
do we have that? >> i think we should embrace it and develop a stakeholder-driven system of high standards for doing the work. >> he is a very smart man. but unfortunately, he's not bound by the laws and regulations any longer of the united states to make decisions that follow a certain procedure. and that is what we have to do. >> bob: what you have just seen is the beginning of the trial balloon for barack obama coming out in support of the pipeline before the election. and instead of the republicans getting credit for it, bill clinton will get credit for it, for bringing obama around on this. >> kimberly: look how happy he looks. >> bob: you make headway on this all the time. it will drop gas prices down. leaving that aside, it is an interesting thing that bill clinton -- he did not come out and do this on his own, i assure you of that. it was the beginning of a plan to get it done before the
11:31 pm
election. >> dana: were you on the conference call this morning? >> bob: no. >> dana: they have conference calls every day. democrats are very good at this. >> eric: the point about upstaging obama, the whole issue. maybe you could shed a light on that. >> kimberly: he's a surrogate. >> eric: he's upstaging obama again. >> greg: you know what happened? bill clinton thought pipeline was a strip club. yeah, i love the pipeline. >> kimberly: you're kidding right now. >> greg: it happens. >> bob: listen, obama and clinton had disagreements obviously. but clinton understands something here. he needs obama to win again. and because i think there is still some hope that she will run in 2016. and he is doing everything he can to make sure it happens. he has also done trial balloons for obama. since they had the disagreements. bill clinton has been as strong obama supporter and interpreter as anybody i've
11:32 pm
seen. >> dana: now both sides are trying to neutralize each other's best arguments. so john boehner and the house republicans agree to the payroll tax cut. they get it behind them. that happened three weeks ago. nobody even remembers it. that was obama's number one legislative priority for this year. now i do think that because the bad policy on keystone ended up being terrible politics they will figure out a way to cut the losses quickly. >> kimberly: doesn't he get to say that on the way to obama, he has the surrogate, clinton to talk about it. >> dana: the problem is that it's going to be too little too late to rehabilitate him on politics of it. >> bob: there is going to be a vote. three votes cast on the pipeline, i will be surprised. except for the democrats. >> eric: a great pint. another one that obama has to end up walk back. no way do we let clinton and obama take credit for xl pipeline. no way, those of us on the
11:33 pm
right -- >> kimberly: he will try. >> eric: while there are thousands of pipelines -- >> bob: you have a double standard with bill clinton and obama. >> eric: i'm saying they want to do a victory lap they always do after the fact. i want to eremind them every single day we have been begging for the xl pipeline. >> bob: remind them all they want but it won't do any good. coming up, joe biden makes a stunning admission about the contraception mandate. we'll show it to you. and mitt romney once again sticks his golden butt in his mouth. we'll tell you all about that, too. ♪ ♪ j nhñ xç@÷ my 0@h@
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colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: well, today the
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democratically-controlled senate defeated the g.o.p. effort to overturn president obama contraception mandate it would have allowed employers to opt out of part of obamacare they found morally objectable. also today, vice president joe biden admitted the administration didn't hand the situation so well. >> what is happening is now is we have been able to provide what is hard to set up, got screwed up in the first iteration. is that any hospital no matter where it is, no matter who runs it, profit or non-profit, religious based or otherwise has to provide insurance to employers like everybody else does. >> kimberly: got love joe. >> bob: do we have a translator for that? >> greg: i'm more worried about the health of the giant fly that was stuck there. >> bob: you know, that was joe, what joe does best.
11:40 pm
outreach for capitol community. he covers that base there. let me remind you how bad politics is it for republicans. rick santorum got beat badly among republican women in michigan on this issue. >> dana: because of this issue? >> kimberly: you're saying exit poll -- >> dana: i don't i it's why. i don't think that is why. >> greg: you have specific exit polls that say that? >> dana: women are smart enough to understand the difference between the obamacare mandate and rick santorum's priest comments about women on contraceptive. they are not the same. >> greg: where was joe biden for the last what? on the now he is talking about it? they kept him in a closet. he's the most powerful catholic in the united states. >> eric: they roll out the mandate, the xl pipeline stuff and realize politics are bad. >> kimberly: they have to walk it back. >> bob: how is that walking it back? >> eric: send out trial balloons of bill clintoned a joe biden.
11:41 pm
>> bob: you are making a much bigger deal. much bigger. what you did is open up the values front. go ahead and run on contraception and see what happens. >> greg: it's not about contraception. >> dana: i would -- >> kimberly: i'd like to call on dana perino. >> eric: not to run on contraceptive. run on mandates. that's what the right should run on. >> dana: i think once again the liberals are misreading the electorate. they are way over-playing their hand on this. i don't think that the politics are risky as some would hope. schumer said this is so terrible. you had three democrat senators, manchin from west virginia, kasich from pennsylvania and one from nebraska voted for the mandate. i don't think this is a democrat or republican issue. this is about your personal view about religious freedom and the first amendment.
11:42 pm
women are smart enough to know the difference. >> bob: every republican voted against this. snow, go down the list. >> greg: here is the thing. how come the only -- >> dana: the table. >> greg: how come the only people who can opt out of obamacare are the people who enthusiastically supported it? >> bob: unions. >> greg: people that vote that want this are opting out. [ overtalk ] >> kimberly: the carve-out exception. >> greg: people who want out of it can't it go of it. >> dana: including the military about to have their pay cut and stuck in obamacar obamacare. b. you all ought to be thankful for maybe you will find out one day all the people you pay for because they go to energy rooms and have no insurance go on your bills. now they won't. >> kimberly: let's get to this. bob on romney because he wanted to talk about it. mistake, was it fatal? >> bob: not fatal but a collection of stuff that the guy says. you know, he is a nice enough
11:43 pm
fella. but he has a tin ear. he was raised in a privileged environment. he tries to talk to the common guy. he shouldn't try to. why not embrace the success. >> dana: talking to the common man, that is not what it's about. he was asked a question by a reporter which the campaign says he misunderstood the question. easy enough to do when you are answering 1,000 questions in a day. it wasn't trying to talk to the common man. it's talking to the pro-life people. >> bob: i wasn't finished. i was going to say then he got on to this, he did say specifically i don't think the state or the federal government ought to be telling women what to do. >> eric: he may have misunderstood the question. there is no doubt it can happen. >> kimberly: he said that. >> eric: the problem is he sent one of the aides out, the spokes people to clair faye where he was on it. i think it was charles krauthammer who said no, someone on the right said not good enough, mitt. get out there and clarify it yourself. >> dana: it wasn't krauthammer.
11:44 pm
>> kimberly: he thought it was a statement. >> bob: his press secretary must be getting tired of running out and clarifying. >> kimberly: c'mon! it's not a mess like you suggest. i like biden doing the electroslide walking it back ever so often. coming up, rush limbaugh pays respect to andrew breitbart who died this morning in los angeles. stay with us. ♪ ♪ i wouldn't do that. get married? no, i wouldn't use that single miles credit card. nice ring. knock it off. ignore him. with the capital one venture card you earn... double miles on every purchase. [ sharon ] 3d is so real larry. i'm right here larry. if you're not earning double miles... you're settling for half. really? a plaid tie? what, are we in prep school? [ male announcer ] get the venture card at and earn double miles on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? was gonna say that. uh huh...
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call or log onto right now! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." now this is rich. there was a fake blog put up about abacker. it was done, future ex-banker that said my boss is in the 1% and he only tips 1% to the server. he always leaves a little note that is personal and mean. the funny thing about this is that it was a hoax. but, cnn and huffington post ran it as if it was a real story, because they -- i don't know. >> greg: because in the current client, everybody assumes that rich people are evil.
11:49 pm
they said that the guy left a $1.33 tip for $133 bill. they doctored a reveet, put it up on the blog. cnn, other outlets picked it up. because rich people are evil. remember? that is what we have learned. >> dana: the quote on cnn, who did it? was at it message about the 1% or the message about the conversation about the 1%? rivetting television nonetheless. >> kimberly: dramatic read. >> dana: thank you. the interest thing, the true food kitchen in newport beach, california, where this happened, they called and said this isn't true. but what i think is interesting is that they don't have evidence to point to, so they have to make it up. >> kimberly: this should be thrown out. they don't have anything to back it up. there are no receipts to match this whatsoever. long at the relishing glee they have jumped on it. >> dana: you know a lot of conservatives, bob. they are a big tipper. >> bob: they are. you are a big tipper. eric is.
11:50 pm
>> dana: hannity is a big tipper. >> bob: say something about the 1%. if it wasn't for 1%, a lot of charities that i care about wouldn't be funded. it want to get the notion that somehow we hate the 1% out of the door. i don't. i think the -- >> greg: you did some things to me on this show. >> bob: i said i think they have had advantages. but i do concede that they have supported a lot of charitable giving. i appreciate that. this story is one they should haven't run with. hope, look, the lockness monster was a hoax. >> dana: what? that's a hoax? it's not real? >> bob: really upset you now. really going to upset you. no saskatchewan is not real. >> kimberly: that would be sasquatch. saskatchewan is a province in canada. seshwan is chinese food. >> bob: who is the hairy guy?
11:51 pm
>> kimberly: sasquatch. you're used to calling him bigfoot. >> eric: people are becoming more conservative. >> bob: no, ignome not. >> eric: you're high-fiving the 1ers. >> dana: are you a big tipper on wall street? >> eric: i tip well. not because of wall street. i have friends who are bartendersed on waitress and waiters. i have huge compassion for hardworking folks. >> dana: round up. >> greg: this is not about tipping. this is about how the main stream media didn't bother to protect the truth. >> kimberly: they didn't want to. freddie they doubt voracity about the stories about occupy wall street. they overlook that. >> kimberly: are you saying there is a double standard? >> greg: maybe so. >> kimberly: provocative! >> bob: you have exaggeration what you say. >> dana: how about you?
11:52 pm
>> bob: i'm outnumbered. >> greg: cnn. >> bob: and huffington post, but not all of them. >> dana: i would have found more. the other thing is that to your point about the main stream media not covering occupy wall street in the same way, susan sarandon said occupiers were subject to police brutality. i watched the protest in oakland. they were being pushed. >> greg: force to watch her movies. >> bob: those in oakland were gassed by cops and should be in jail instead of walking the street. freddie oh! >> dana: we have to come to come back. >> kimberly: we don't have time for that. >> bob: you can't even say that. all police are nice that way. >> dana: we'll find a glob in the break to find out where saskatchewan is. the passing of conservative
11:53 pm
activist, andrew breitbart and we hear what rush limbaugh had to say about the internet♪
11:54 pm
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11:56 pm
the country desperately needs another 1,000 more andrew breitbarts if you ask me.
11:57 pm
he was something. >> greg: that was rush limbaugh honoring andrew breitbart on his radio show today. he passed away and leaves behind a beautiful wife and four children. it's funny when they show picture of andrew. there is not a normal picture because he's always doing something crazy. he was always doing something. by the way, he would have preferred a new wave flash pump rock music for his eulogy. that is the kind of guy he was. >> kimberly: you can do it tonight. freddie on "red eye" we will do an hour and have his friends and show clips. >> eric: throw that picture up. i'll read a tweet when i heard hit the morning. i direct message to andrew, are you okay, buddy? i just heard a terrible rumor. please answer this, man. i never got one back. at that moment, he always, always texted you back. >> dana: i only got to meet him a couple of times at fox. before i met him, when i first
11:58 pm
got on twitter, somebody like -- i learn houd to look when you are mentioned. so i looked and there was a thing so rude about me. i'm like what did i ever do to that guy? i was so mad and i started to contact my friends. what did i do to him? i never even met him. it turns out it was andrew breitbrat, not andrew breitbart. i go it to meet him and tell him. >> greg: great book out called "righteous indignation. " i read it. it's fantastic. if you haven't purchased it go and buy it immediately. >> kimberly: many copies. >> greg: many copies and help his family out. >> bob: a strong suggestion to any liberals they read it so you learn what the smart people on the other side are doing. there is plenty of dumb people. we don't want to worry about. a guy like this, he had people he taught. don't this -- he may not have 1 thank you of them but a lot of people learn from the guy.
11:59 pm
not against most of them but for people like him. >> eric: you know what he did? >> dana: he could cause trouble. >> eric: the path of what is acceptable to talk about he kept the boundaries to make it wider. >> kimberly: made it safer for everybody else to speak their minds. most people are worried what are other people going to say, think or write about them so they stick to what is conventional, p.c. for mainstream media. he never did that in his life. >> bob: all the time i talk to him, i spent several hours talking to him in candid terms i never heard him say a pa joretive word about anything on the other side. for me jor pejorative word. freddie i try not to read negative stuff. just remember what a great guy he is. try to be more like him. see you back here tomorrow on "the five." good night, everyone


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